Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ron Grainer "The European Years" Part One 53 - 73

Sequel to Ron Grainer "The Australian Years"

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1953 - 1959 

Hard Times; Festival of  British Song; "London's Made Of Us"; "Bird On Wing"; "Don't Cry Little Doll"; "Sunday Break"; "Going Home For Christmas"; "House of Carols"; "Before the Sun Goes Down"; "Joanna"; "The Highway Man"; "Men from Room 13"; 


"A Woman of No Importance"; "The Birthday Party"; "The Facts of Life"; "Night School"; "On The Edge"; "No Wreath for the General"; "Looking For Garrow"; "Maigret"


"It's A Square World"; "Comedy Playhouse"; "Terminus"; Miscellaneous Projects 


"Oliver Twist"; "The Titans"; "The Six Proud Walkers"; "A Kind of Loving"; "Late Summer Affair"; "Steptoe and Son"; "Some People"; "The Net"; "Live Now Pay Later"; "The Dock Brief"; "A Kind of Loving"; "That Was The Week That Was"; "Station Six Sahara"; "The Old Curiosity Shop"; "We Joined The Navy" 


TV's Tunesmith; "The Launching"; "Shopping Day"; "The Mouse On The Moon"; "The Running Man"; "The Kings Breakfast";  Giants Of Steam"; "Master Of The Signature Tune";  "The Caretaker"; "The Homemade Car";"Panorama";*Ron and the Ondes Martenot Keyboard [1960]  "Dr Who"; Desert IsIand Discs


"The Dales" "Nothing But The Best"; "Night Must Fall"; "The Moon Spinners"; "The Finest Hours"; "Robert And Elizabeth"; "Not So Much A Program More A Way Of Life"


"The Flying Swan"; "The Mood Man"; "BBC-3"; "The London Australians"

1966 [revised 22.6.20]

"Take A Sapphire"; Music from Paradise; ; "The Legend of the Young Dick Turpin"; "Comes The Time"; "On The Level";  Grainer Returns To AustraliaGrainer's Second Marriage; "I Gotta Shoe" "Alain Calmut"


"Uncle Charles"; "Blandings Castle"; "To Sir With Love"; "Danger Island"; "Boy Meets Girl"; "Man In A Suitcase"; "The Prisoner"; "Death Of A Private"


"Detective" [second series]; "Only When I Larf"; "The Jazz Age"; The Grainers Relocate; "The Root Of All Evil?"; "The Old Campaigner"


"The Fabulous Frump"; "Maigret At Bay"; "In Search Of Gregory"; "The Assassination Bureau";"Before Winter Comes"; "Lock Up Your Daughters"; "Galton And Simpson Comedy";  "Destiny Of A Spy"; "Paul Temple" " Themes Like --- "


"Sing A Rude Song" ;"Man In The News"; "For The Love Of Ada"; "Hoffman"


"The Trouble With You Lilian"; "The Omega Man"; "Thief" 


"Steptoe And Son" film; "The Train Now Standing"; "Mutiny On The Buses"

"And No One Can Save Her"; "Steptoe and Son Ride Again"; "Yellow Dog","A Story Of Tutankhamun"

1974 - 1981 

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